Logo Planet ProofSince July 2019 our potatoes are PlanetProof certified. The environmental quality label On the way to PlanetProof, formally known as ‘Milieukeur’, proves that a product is produced more sustainably and is therefore better for nature, the environment, climate and animals. Attention is, among other things, paid to:

  • The use of crop protection and fertilizer
  • Soil quality and soil fertility
  • Responsible use of energy and (surface) water
  • The use of flowering herb or flower borders
  • Creating nesting opportunities for animals

The certification takes place every year and the criteria are revised every year. More information can be found on planetproof.eu

Certificaat Landbouwbedrijf Mast (NL)
Certificaat PlanetProof L. de Jong Landbouw (NL)

Our GLOBALG.A.P. certification has been extended for another year.