Aardappelfarm is a collaboration between two arable farms. For generations, table potatoes have been grown by our family businesses. At the end of the 1990s, our focus changed. Theo Kool and Leen de Jong noticed that potato growers were too depended on market fluctuations, and big market players that you have little influence on as a producer. They decided to focus on a niche top market: delicacy potatoes. A true niche market, one that was not well known in the Netherlands at the time.

Having started out with a few pounds of seed potatoes, we visited restaurants and asked them to test our potatoes and give us feedback. This is how our adventure began.

A job for specialists

Over 20 years later, not only has a younger generation joined forces, we have tested numerous potato varieties (with varying success) and accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in cultivating and marketing these special potatoes. Certainly, not every variety has sufficient market potential or is suitable for the clay soil in the ‘Hoeksche Waard’. Aardappelfarm is located on this island in the South West of the Netherlands, a traditional potato region. The good quality and delicious taste of our potatoes is the result of this region’s clay soil.

We supply (catering) wholesalers, potato packers and processors, suppliers of supermarket and grocery stores etc. Through close cooperation with our chain partners, we can optimally serve the market.

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