Our assortment of specialty potatoes consists of various purple potatoes. Vitelotte (truffle potato), with its nutty taste, was one of the first and is probably the best known. For the past couple of years, in addition to purple meaty potatoes, we also grow red flesh varieties. All keep their intense colour after preparation; this is, of course, a must for chefs.

A more common variety we produce is Cherie, family of Roseval; one which consumers regularly prepare in their ovens nowadays. La Ratte, a true delicacy potato and famous in the French cuisine, is a fingerling with a soft buttery taste.

Continually testing new varieties

We also test several new potato varieties each year. Some remain while others do not pass our test. After all, each variety has its own (cultivation) qualities and must fit our type of soil and our processing methods. We assess the varieties based on qualities and characteristics such as applications, taste, skin finish, shelf life and, of course, market demand.

With this choice in varieties, we also look at the potato season’s spread so that we can supply our customers with Dutch potatoes almost the whole year.

Curious whether we can produce a certain variety for you? Then please contact us.